Booker, do you fear god?

No, but i fear you.

This is the quote that starts this amazing, but not perfect, first person shooter from Kevin Levine, who you may know from System Shock 2 (Which i'm also playing BTW) and the Bioshock series in general.

Gotta be honest, this was one of my most anticipated games not only of the year. Ever since i saw those 2 gameplay videos, which were from early builds. luckily i managed to avoid 99% of the spoilers (I got spoiled one tiny bit of the ending but it didn't matter compared to the rest).

Also, this review will be different from my past 2 reviews (The Scott Pilgrim movie and Penumbra: Overture), since this is a larger-scale game, i'm gonna make a deeper review. Also, this is Spoiler-free.


What is it about?


Bioshock Infinite tells the story of Booker Dewitt, who in order to wipe away a debt, must travel to the floating utopia/dystopia of Columbia, and rescue a girl named Elizabeth to take her to New York, this is just the beginning though, the story gets crazier and intense as the game goes on.



The game plays in First-Person, and it's mostly linear aside from a few parts where you have to explore a bit, despite having guns, it plays rather differently from other games.

It doesn't have regenerating health, it has a regenerating shield but no health regen, if you want to recover from a bad wound, you have to search for medical kits, food, or wait for Elizabeth to get you something.


This is where another useful mechanic comes along, Elizabeth, who IMO it's one of the best partner AI i've ever seen. One of the worries about this game was it being a long escort-mission (We all hate those right?), but it's actually the opposite, Elizabeth can't get killed, she never gets in the way, but the two best things about her are:

Tears: There's a point in the game (Around 1/3) when you can use them, they are kind of portals to other worlds, you can use them to bring useful things like weapons or medical kits, but also you can create cover, turrets or decoys. Next we have:

Item scavenging: Another thing Elizabeth is good for is finding stuff, from health kits, salt (I'm getting to that later), ammo and weapons, the best thing about it is that most of the time you actually need that stuff, and she will alwayshave something.


Elizabeth isn't the only feature this game offers, there's also something called Vigors.

Vigors: Vigors are like magic attacks in an RPG, powerful, but not free. To make it short, Vigors are like the plasmids of Columbia, only in the form of an alcoholic drink, they give you especial powers, like possesing enemies or burn them to death!. Of course, you need salts, which are like the mana of Bioshock Infinite, they really helped me in some parts.


Combat: Like any FPS, Bioshock Infinite has combat, this is where the problem i have with this game comes in, there's just too much combat. And it could use some improvements, there are two main flaws this has:

It happens every 5 minutes: Let's make this quick, you just finished a 10 minute long fight against a entire army of turrets, psychopaths, motorized patriots, died like 7 times, finally you catch a break. You decide to continue your adventure, open the door and SURPRISE, MORE COMBAT.


The thing is, it could have been better if they made less gunfights and more story and character development.

Too many enemies at once: Like the bolded subtitle says, sometimes there's just too many enemies you're going to die just after reviving.


Another thing worth pointing out, when you die, after a few moments you come back to life at the entrance of the place where the fight is going on, some health will be regenerated, but the same happens with your enemies, you also loose some money. This isn't a problem, except when you die a lot and loose a lot of money.

Story (9/10)


The story is one of the main features of Bioshock Infinite, i'm not gonna tell you anything, except that at the end it's probably gonna feel convulted, but the characters are really likeable.



There was a battle song i really liked, but i couldn't find it on the OST :l.



This game may have it's flaws, but it's definitely worth your time and maybe even money, combat isn't as bad as i may make it seem, but sometimes it's tiring. See you in Columbia!.