I finished this game a pair of months ago, and since i'm bored i'm doing a review for this.

Now, for the people that don't know, Penumbra Overture is the first of the Penumbra series (The second one being Black Plague and the "third" being Requiem which is more of an expansion to Black Plague). It's from the minds that created Amnesia, actually this was their first game.

In the game you play as Phillip, who went in a journey to discover the secret of his father, who dissapeared since he was a kid, his search led him to an abandoned mine shaft in a snowy zone, but what horrors will await him there?.


-Most of the game will keep you on the edge without knowing when is a enemy going to appear.


-There's one actually cool song in the mostly generic soundtrack

-There's one enemy who's going to make you have a bad and scary time

-It doesn't use cheap jumpscares.


-Very small variety of enemies, and most of them are generic.

-It can become repetitive

-Too many damn notes, some of them are too long btw.

-Combat is crap (Thank god they removed it on Black Plague).

Conclusion: Penumbra Overture is a decent game if you plan to get started on the series, and it's required in order to understand the sequel, which is better btw, also, it doesn't have any replay value, they could have improved on it, but if you find it on sale or "alternative" sites then you should try it, but don't expect the super horror of Amnesia.