So far i have only seen this twice because it was on TV.

Summary: Based on a comic, Scott Pilgrim is a boy in a band called Sex Bomb-obs who falls in love with a girl named Ramona, but turns out he has to fight his seven evil exs.


+So ridiculously over the top that it's actually a good entertaining movie to see.


+That Pac-Man trivia is a great interesting piece of information.

+Battles are over the top.

+The singing part in the first evil ex battle is absolutely hilarious

+The exs are very different from each other, ranging from hipsters to gay actors.



-Sometimes it tries too hard to be like a videogame

-The lyrics of the songs of Scott band made me want to puke.

-Can't understand why he was dating an underage girl at the beginning of the movie.


Verdict: Very entertaining and underrated movie. If you ever happen to see it on TV or Netflix, at least try to give it a chance.